Amazon Shipping Managers Need To Look Outside the Window??

I ordered some books (note the irony on WHICH books).

While this is happening:

So where does Amazon ship them from? The middle of the storm, of course! 

This is not the best operations management, I think....

I know I live CLOSER to Laurel, MD than say, Coffeyville, KS (a favorite ship-from location for household goods), BUT, evidently Amazon is the only one who doesn't know that it's snowing in Laurel, MD and Richmond, VA. 

Speaking of, the UPS site says the stuff will still get delivered today, which would be really miraculous, seeing as how the stuff is currently under 3 feet of snow in Virginia.... Amazon sent out a "delayed" email, why isn't the UPS site showing delayed?
Now, admittedly, I don't need these books today, but I would be really irritated if the new wireless/usb antennae we just ordered had also been stuck in the snow.... our Tivo's can't talk! It's Tivomageddon!

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WaltzInExile said...

"TiVomageddon" made my whole week.