Small Things Make a Big Difference in Getting Retail Right...

I purchased some gifts for my mom, myself and a friend off of knockknock.biz.

I wouldn't normally do business with a .biz, but the brand is sold on about 50 other websites, and they had better combined pricing and shipping than the other options.

Two things they do right, little things, that made a difference in my order:

1. They offered to email me a coupon in exchange for my email address and the email showed up immediately.  As in, as soon as I had the tab open for gmail the code was already there. 

I don't know how many sites get automatic email communication wrong... I know that Kodak lost my over $200 order on some custom printing when their database couldn't email me a new password this year, and that I have take my business elsewhere on many sites when the email confirmation of a new account or a lost password took longer than 2 minutes to get to me.

2. They offered my receipt in a nicely named PDF file.  That's what I do with e-receipts anyway--- print to PDF.  Except I didn't have to do that AND the file is nicely named (knockknockreceipt.pdf).


In fact, this is one of the more nicely done order confirmation pages I've seen.  Simple to read, customer service phone numbers big and easy to see, nice use of their own product line, prominent print AND pdf buttons. 

The only beef I have is with the back-ordered note--- none of the things I ordered were marked as out of stock, so now I'm confused a little as to why that is there.

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