Amazon Uses Me as a Guinea Pig, But I Like It

From only one computer-browser combination, I am currently being offered a "Beta" look at a new order tracking page on Amazon.

I like it.

(I would probably like it less if I ordered things I was embarrassed to have pictured on the screen -- and Amazon does sell some of that stuff... I wonder if they've thought of that?) [Less adult-entertainment example: I ordered my pregnancy tests off of Amazon. Would I want a co-worker to see that if I'm checking my order status at lunch?]

Anyway, here's some grabs.

Things I like:

1. At Christmas this would be really helpful as a quick and visual, "How much stuff have I sent family X" guide.

2. It's just more visually attractive than the old site.

3. I like the gift box icon (grab #3) next to items with gifts.

4. I like the hover box w/ shipping, although I'm not sure about it's accessibility. I'm using a roller ball, I think I would dislike that from a touch pad.

I do wonder what these pages will look like in a year or two when things go out of stock-- I have gone back into orders that old, before. (Ok, admittedly, usually to yell at them, "I have spent $xxxx.xx since 1997, don't you care you're alienating me?)

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