It's ALWAYS the Fault of that Horrible Internet...

Heard this story on the radio and was annoyed...


Basic summary:

  • Homes broken into while empty and for sale
  • Appliances taken
  • Homes listed on Internet
  • Obviously Internet at fault

Nowhere in the story does it indicate if these home were listed in the papers, had signs in front, had open houses, had been very publicly moved out of, had had an eviction, etc.

Most homes for sale are now listed on the Internet.

While I do not doubt that someone would look at Internet listings to pick houses to steal AC units from (wish they would steal mine, I need a new one... well, ok, maybe not, we wouldn't get replacement value...) the concept of the stories seemed to be, "Don't list your home online or thieves will come vandalize it!"

How about, "Don't leave a home obviously empty while on vacation, for sale, or for rent unless you want Bad Things to happen?"

I guess there wouldn't be a story if it was just, "Some people continue to be stupid and others continue to be criminal" instead of "Internet EVIL."

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