Are there no editors anymore?

Not to nitpick, MSNBC, but "I have two husbands" is polyandry. The only way for a woman to be a polygamist herself is to be in two gay marriages.

Thank you, drive through.


TonyRoomZ said...

Not true.. Polygamist is one who practices Polygamy.

Polygamy is defined as having more than one spouse.

It passes the editor test?

Yet Another Girl said...

Technically, it's from the greek many many-women --- thus the g from gyn.

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls=GGLJ%2CGGLJ%3A2006-38%2CGGLJ%3Aen&q=define%3A+polyandry --- andry when it's men.

I took 5 years of Latin. You take enough dead languages you get picky on the derivatives.