Pizza Hut + My Blackberry + Cultural Unawareness

Pizza Hut (one of my favorite blog subjects) is back today.

This post is less about them and more about me.

I live in a football-free world. I don't watch, I don't root, I don't discuss. So, until MSNBC started posting articles about the Superbowl commercials, I had no idea the Superbowl was coming up.

Pizza Hut doesn't know my very well.

They sent the following email to me -- which was viewed on my Blackberry.

The subject line of the email was, "Big Game, Small Price. Feed your Fans with $5 Pizza Mia Pizzas!"

Except the Blackberry doesn't have that much room.

So, I saw, "Big Game, Small Price."

And my immediate football-free brain thought, "Why is Pizza Hut emailing me about hunting deer?"

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