If you could see my face...

Well, this blog got backlinked.

By someone who thinks I'm obviously a nutjob feminist for criticizing a children's movie. (That's the whole critic, kids movies are evidently not to ever be thought about.)

To which I would point out that if adults watch a movie, they can determine things like, "Hey, that guy, he's a real jerk. I don't agree with his world view at all."

But when kids watch a movie, even if we don't want them to, they are learning. And in this case, they would be learning what the sex roles for men and women are.

Kids are also much more likely to watch the same movie over and over again (with the possible exception of my husband, college, and The Empire Strikes Back). I distinctly remember a three year phase where my littlest sister watched Mannequin something like four times a week. I wouldn't want it bashed into my daughter's head over and over again that if she's good at sports, that's bad, instead she should walk around in hoop skirts and lipstick, and then she will be, "Perfect."

And, no, I do NOT think the sex roles for women in Chicken Little are sex roles I would want my son or my daughter learning.

For one thing, I want my men to know how to talk to people. For another, I want my women to take responsibility for their actions.

Thank you, drive through.

Feel free to link me, though. You drive me up in Google and Technorati every time you do, which I want.

(My facial expression, FWIW, is my eyes rolling. Back in the day, I used to hang on IRC... that was a command in my scripts, "/eyes".)


WaltzInExile said...

Oh come ON - surely you're going to tell me where to find this silly critique? I'd totally have your back. Oh, wait. You don't want a nutjob middle-aged grad student mom to have your back...?

Yet Another Girl said...

I don't want to raise HIS google ranking. ;>

Besides, I'm pretty sure he has a google alert for "feminist rant" the way I have one for links to me.