Amazon: Two Steps Forward, 1/2 a Step Back

So, Amazon just announced a large effort to work with their vendors to get rid of packaging. They are touting this as customer service usability, which it is. (I think there's a couple of side effects they aren't disclosing such as a)preventing returns of Amazon goods to brick and mortar stores and b)getting Amazon off of the Stupid Shipping Gang usual suspects list).

So I think, "Yes! Amazon is helping to make packages safe to open and making the online shipping process much more green."
I'm very excited by Amazon throwing its economic weight behind improved packaging design.
However, someone at Amazon needs to learn how to make content accessible. Because a two screen long cut and past dump from Photoshop, complete with non-Unicode characters, is NOT making this content accessible.

Imagine for a moment you are blind. You love online retail -- you don't have to try and navigate the Kroger anymore, you can order online. Of course, this only happens when stores make content accessible.

As a blind person, clamshell packaging is really rather dangerous. You prefer not to deal with it.

Here's Amazon announcing they are getting rid of your nemesis Clamshell... and you can't access the message because it's only nominally accessible.

As someone who cares about accessibility, things like this are really frustrating to see. (Just like it's frustrating that the blogger templates and image addition aren't accessible, either.)

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