Who's Your Target Audience, Again?

I've talked before about how important it is to provide a website that works for people with less than stellar computers.

It's also important to provide access to people with cutting-edge technology.

Now, at this point I don't see phone-based web access as cutting-edge. I do see it as something concentrated on a few groups: the very young, the very busy, and those with money to burn.

If you're running a fru-fru salon, you might consider having a website that works on the mobile devices of those folks. After all, if you're running a fru-fru salon, the chances are that your clientel is going to overlap with, say, the Blackberry target market.

"Loading Flash Plug-in" is the last thing you want your clients' phones to show when they google you on thier shiny toys. Your phone number? That might be a good thing. A mobile-enhanced online appointment booking service? Even better. But your phone number, that's a must have. In plain text, please.

The fact that you've just made your site more accessible, more Google-friendly, and more usable? That's just gravy.