Dear MSNBC & Penny Arcade,

Instead of focusing on, "how to get your girlfriend to game" lets try the following:

  • Don't make fun of girls for being good at math
  • Don't harass girls for being good at physics
  • Don't mock girls for texting
  • Don't patronize girls for being confused by crappy systems
  • Don't ignore girls in computer class

Once you've mastered that:

  • Don't hire men because you understand them better
  • Don't pretend women aren't there at conferences and seminars (no, we won't think you're hitting on us)
  • Don't act like pigs in the IT work place just because you think it's ok since most of your coworkers are men
  • Don't conduct business at strip clubs and in locker rooms

Then maybe you won't have to "get your girlfriend" into computers, and computer games, because she will be right along side you.

I've been playing games since I was 12 (Oregon Trail, anyone?), and I don't do the SIMS and I don't do Harry Potter. I don't do head-shot games, either, but mostly b/c I tend to fall off things in the game and die... I'm not good at them. Stop playing into the stereotypes, treat women like equal creatures and this won't be a "problem" any more. (Lately I've been playing w/ the Spore Creature Creator, waiting for Wrath of the Lich King, and totally kicked the ass of Civ on the DS)

Just a thought,


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