Amazon's New (To Me) Schitk

Recently, for my husband's birthday I had a very early miscarriage.

The fall-out from that was that I missed his birthday completely.

So I signed up for the $79/annual "ship it now, ship it two day" option from Amazon. So far it's been nice, as his birthday gifts arrived within the advertised 48 hours (and since one of them was a leaf blower, I consider that to be great service).

I'm continuing to experiment with the service.

Essentially it means:

  • I can order anything I want now and, as long as Amazon is the seller, I don't pay shipping again.

  • Which means I don't have to add up to $25.00 anymore.

  • Which means no more searching housewares for $.49 drawer pulls, books for $1.09 bookmarks, or health and beauty for a single toothbrush.

The impact has been that I'm buying more on Amazon, mostly b/c it's easier to go online than go to the store, but only when Amazon has a price I can live with.

So, the husband was complaining that we never have new toothbrushes.

So I went to Amazon, searched around, and found some Oral-B that were less than what I pay at Super-Target®. A 12-pack should last a while...

He also said we needed new paper towels. Amazon's prices sucked. No go.

Then the bottom of our super-huge kitchen trash can busted out. Understand, I love these trash cans. We have black (trash) and white (recycling). They have a small foot-print, the cat can't knock them over, and I like the whole "the force is with you" intent for the recycling.

We originally got these (I must have been feeling flush) from The Container Store®... which we don't have in Durham.

Amazon to the rescue! I'm going to have to wait 3-6 weeks (so sad!), but I'm not paying shipping on what will be a HUGE box and the price was 20% of TheContainterStore.com

Amazon relies a lot on what must be an insanely huge supply chain. This gets them onto certain websites quite often.

I'm hoping this continues to work for me. Of course, I really liked the Free Delivery I was getting on cat litter from Pets.com to my second-floor, around the corner, bad parking apartment in 1999.

I also really liked the Free Delivery from a couple of online grocery stores that stopped doing it pretty quickly (jars of mushrooms wrapped in bubble wrap! someone to carry cases of ON SALE Pepsi to that apartment! free goodies with orders! .com bust!). This isn't quite Free Delivery since I'm paying for the year, but I'm hoping it's sustainable.

And, for the first time in two years, Amazon doesn't process my order past refunding then sit on it for two weeks.

I'm looking forward to Christmas.


noah said...

I've had Prime for three years now, and I find myself using it for all sorts of random stuff, just cause its easy to order. Deoderant, toothpaste, food, pillows, a new vaccuum. All shipped for free and arrived within 2 days. Makes me feel lazy, but I do know the UPS and FedEx guys on a first name basis now.

Yet Another Girl said...


It's going to drive our dog nuts, that's my only downside right now.

Our local grocery store is online, so I can price check, as well.