Dell, How Could You?

Men? Men might like blue or green of black laptop colors. Colors that reflect the music they listen to, the jobs they do, or their quirky personalities.

Women? Women want pink. All women want pink. Except of course, women who want red that exactly matches their lipstick (but only if they can use the laptop as a mirror.)

So, so not cool.

And dell uses funky, edgy women... and then turns them all into Barbie's. Does that pink laptop come with an Eazy-Bake Oven / DVD Burner combo? Or maybe an extra-simplified calculator, because, you know, math is hard?

Another ad in the same campaign at http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/Feministing/~3/352695413/010069.html


alexae said...

well I know that the only requisite for a laptop is that it matches my lipstick... yea black, same as my soul!
Good catch!

Yet Another Girl said...

Feministing saw it first, but our takes are slightly different. We are both pissed off by this ad, though!