Dear Adobe,

When I print a file to Acrobat, I'm saving it for my files.

I don't need to see in in Acrobat every time.

I certainly do not need to see the Acrobat document pop up OVER the window I am in.

In fact, this is the whole point of the titled applications we think of as "windows"--- I control what I see, not you.

I'm not going to think about your update screen that pops up and eats RAM for the reader right now, because it would ruin a perfectly good rainy morning.

In short, your application is rude, disruptive, and thus, a little bit arrogant.

Acrobat is a tool, let me use it as a tool without shoving it into my face, "HEY YOU'RE USING ADOBE ACROBAT. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL?"


MrsWaltz said...

Dear YAG,

I'm very insecure and shy, and trying harder to be extroverted. It's hard to pimp myself out when I lack confidence, and that damn in-crowd of Windows apps won't talk to me. Now I'm so upset that I'm going to have to go back to my programmers to see if they can seize control of your entire computer without you noticing. Will that be better? I never meant to make you mad. I'm just trying to force you to see how likeable I am.
Are we still friends? __Y __N
(Write back)

Yet Another Girl said...


Matt Goldey said...

That's one of the reasons I use Cute PDF Writer (the other being that it's free).


Yet Another Girl said...

I use cute PDF, but it doesn't make full-text versions, so if I want something I can search within or cut/paste from, it doesn't work.

Phoebe said...

Back in the olden days (we just upgraded from Acrobat 5 to 9), there was a checkbox to say that you wanted to open the printed file. And the ability to make your text shrink to fit the textbox, rather than the box growing to fit the text, the size of which seems unchangeable. And if you clicked on the draw-an-oval tool, it stayed clicked until you unclicked it, so you could circle a bunch of things in a row.

I've got a class on Acrobat in a week or two, so hopefully I just haven't figured out how to do all the cool stuff I could do in 5. But I fear that some of that cool stuff was "improved" right out of 9.