Click That Ad? Wait, What Ad?

Seth Godin is the author of numerous books other people think are great. (Me, I check them out from the library, then leave them sitting on the stairs or the end table for three renewals, looking guiltily at them every now and then, and then have to return them because someone else put then on hold. So, I don't know if the books are any good.)

But he also has a fairly huge blog.

This week Seth said if you like a blog, you should click its ads every now and then.


I hope you like this blog, but it has no ads to click.

It has no ads to click so I can satisfy my need to write (or grump) on my lunch hour without incurring the wrath of the work policies against using the computers to make money. So, I am very careful. No posting to anything with an ad, and no more t-shirts. (I only sold 2 ever I think, anyway).

So you can't show me the love by clicking on my ads.

However, if you do like this blog, feel free to tell someone about it. Maybe link to it, or email them.

Wait until I've written something good, though.

Maybe I will try to order pizza online again soon... (Hopefully I'm done buying online tickets, though, because that user anti-experience made me so angry I lost all my words.)

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WaltzInExile said...

I'll tell all of my friends. You'll know when your stats increase by 3 that I'm telling the truth :)