Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, How "Cool"

So, yes, I have a lot of irritations with Google.

Mostly they come from the perspective of a fan. A fan who doesn't want to be let down.

A fan who gets frustrated at having to hold down "control" to right click on links because the otherwise fabulously helpful Google Toolbar has decided it can't tell the difference between right click and pop-up. A fan who wants Blogger to be indexed by Google and the Google Webmaster Tools, not blocked by a robots.txt (!). Etc, etc.

If I didn't expect anything at all from Google, if they didn't get so close only to miss, I wouldn't mind. If Kobe Bryant were to suddenly slip in 7 attempts to dunk the ball and fall on his butt, in a row; if he were suddenly to bounce another 9 shots off the rim and let the other team take the ball... the way the sports writers who feel the next day? That's Google and I.

However, I'm not a fan of cuil.com.

Why? Well, none of the stuff I searched gave me the results I wanted. In fact, most of the stuff I searched gave me site scrapes into spam sites... which is a sad day in search engine land.

I also don't "get" the layout-- I think it is probably intended as "Google for MySpace Users," but it leaves me cold. If I had a zillion pixel wide monitor I would probably like it... except then it wouldn't fill the screen vertically, which wouldn't work very well, either...

MSN actually has a pretty good gripe list as well... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25919414/

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