Why? I Say, Why, Would You Design This Way?

I am running low on my shower scrub.

My special-just-the-way-I-like it shower scrub. (Which is a mix of "Hawaiian Rain", "Sweat Pea", and something I can't read).

So we went online to see if we can order some.

Nope, can't order some.


Can go to a store around the corner.


Except the site, http://www.bathjunkie.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi?action=locations won't let me cut and paste the address.

The addresses for the states (and you will have to click each state to see one because additionally, having a state have a page that might be linked to, googled, or emailed is evidently a Bad Idea) are all in an image.

And I look at that and wonder about the designer. Because I can think of about 6 bazillion reasons to NOT have the address be in an image (starting with blind users, ending in I can't copy it into Google, which won't index it, and crossing cell phones along the way).

You can make CSS format the text... you can have a database house the addresses. Why do this? Is using that non-universal font more important than having Google find your locations? I would say no...

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