I Try Google Reader...

I've got a ton of blogs I want to read, but the ones that update every three seconds were overwhelming the ones that only update every two weeks.

My husband has used a bunch of different feed readers. He has been semi-happily using Google Reader for many months, "It's less horrible than the rest of them."

So he set me up (I have no patience) last night.

So far we have three thoughts for the Damnit-Google-80-Bazillion-Dollars-and-the-Best-People-Free-Snacks-But-Living-In-CA-Can-Buy-and-This-Is-the-Best-You-Can-Do? file.

1. Somehow running Google Reader in IE 6 on my crap-tastic laptop last night resulted in 347,000k of memory going to IE. Hmmm. World of Warcraft only needs 250,000k.

2. For reasons known only to Google, this is the one page in the entire universe (ok, not the entire universe, but Google should know better) that the icon doesn't link to ANYTHING. I kept clicking it trying to go to my "home". Instead I have to hunt for a text link, "back to Google Reader". Huh?
See right there where it says GoogleReader? Clicking that does NOTHING.

3. Oh, Google. This is just sad. (IE 7 + CSS + Form field)


Tony said...

I also hate the fact that clicking the icon does nothing... It aggravates me on a daily basis..

I think reader is missing one or 2 features...

1) When I scroll don't mark it read unless i actually click INTO the box.

2) PLEASE let me have some option that says open the URL in the reader not the "summary"... But I think that goes back to the earlier.. PUT EVERYTHING IN THE RSS feed argument :)

Yet Another Girl said...

I am SURE I will have more of these as time goes by. It already feels buggy!

Also, I don't like reading EVERYTHING black on white. I may go back to LJ just so there's color on my screen!