God Help Me, I Used Ebay

I'm very tired of everything Ebay. Occasionally, it's just the best place to buy something.

However, every time I login to Ebay, it has mysteriously taken my AmEx card OFF of my preferred payment and auto-filled in my bank account.

Except I don't WANT to use my bank account. I like getting points on things. I turn those points into Home Depot and Lands End gift cards. I like not having the money vanish immediately from my bank account. I like having some sort of buyer protection.

No, PayPal I don't think that it is advantageous to ME to have you suck out the money immediately. I can earn interest on that 5.64$ for the next AmEx cycle. I don't care that you have to give AmEx a 3% cut. In fact, considering you take a 30% cut off of a 1.00$ donation-- I take immense pleasure in it.

It's like the anti-customer service site. "You want to make something your detault? Too bad! We will tell you you can, but it's a lie, 'cause we will switch it back when you aren't looking."

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Anonymous said...

I completely feel your pain. I think it's a useless waste of time for paypal to have my bank account and attempt to trick me into using it! What if I like getting flyer miles I can turn in as upgrades? I too, hate paypal.