So close... and yet so far

Lots of stories today on the DNC launching a version of Wikipedia all about McCain.




Only CNN (of the three above) noted one thing,

In launching the site, the DNC claims that anyone can research and share the material. Unlike Wikipedia, on which the site is modeled, edits can be made only by DNC staff — not members of the public.

“This allows us to fully validate all of the information that appears, ensuring accuracy and reliability,” the “About” section of the site says. Instead, the site is “run by the DNC’s Research, Communications, and Internet teams.”

Honestly, if they want to use the -pedia name, it should be a real Wiki--- postable by all. If the DNC doesn't want to have edit wars, then they can moderate the damn thing.

But calling a site a Wiki when it's edited entirely by your staff? That's not a wiki!  That's marketing speak disguised as a wiki.  It doesn't work as a blog, and it won't work as a wiki.

Next thing we'll be seeing (ok, I didn't do a google search to see if these really exist) TideWiki (where only posts about how great Tide® is posted, with maybe an occasional link to DownyWiki) and PreOwnedLexusWiki (where only posts by Certified Pre-Owned Lexus ® dealers are allowed), and VistaPedia (where XP is banned and all hail the great Microsoft®).

People DO know the difference between a real and fake wiki.  This is how you make Teh Internets angry... fake something people do, then pretend it's real, thus demeaning all the effort put into the real thing.

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