My Confession

I get far too much joy out of coming up with fake names for documentation.

Now, some of you are reading this and thinking, "Yeah, fake names from 80's songs."

And that is actually not true.

Fake names from wikipedia. Wikipedia has these really long pages of names and how they work in different countries. I enjoy playing mix and match.

And all the pages below them lead to interesting (to me) creations. And since no one else knows what they mean, I can also mix in people I know and an occasional 80's lyric...

It's the one engaging thing I can do during documentation.

Yes, I'm odd.

  • Ibrahim Khazzoom
  • Mariko Rotmensen
  • Keith Croft
  • Selma Arlington
  • Vasili Ivanov-Petrov
  • Tina Wentz
  • Rose Barbu
  • Leroy Gordon
  • Jasper Wolf
  • Eustacia Soden
  • Alvera Johnson
  • Sherri Landry
  • Albert Moreau
  • Mai Nguyen
  • Karl Bergman
  • Lena Howell
  • Jared Birhanu
  • Gema Pertiwi


Anonymous said...

hey, my name's real!
I should really stop googling myself and do some real work,

Yet Another Girl said...

Well, I was taking common names and combining them. It was bound to happen. :)