MSNBC Hates You


I do not like being forced to click ten times to read a single article. In point of fact, it doesn't matter how interesting the article is, I won't do it.

I've learned over time that if I want to read one of your stories that forces me to load six advertisements per paragraph in the first screen (I don't know how many are below the fold), I should go to the "print version."

Except you either have the laziest web developers in the world, have decided "print version" means printing the URL of the page only (because after all, those print versions don't have 66 ad loads for the story!), or have really weak CSS code or an equally lame CMS.

In any case, you've now officially trained me to not even try.... and I would like to point out that while six ad loads is less than 66, it is more than zero.



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