Linked In: Our Webmaster Is The Bastard Child of Macy's Santa and Disney's Merlin

I had two thoughts upon seeing this...

1. What the HELL is that guy?


2. I hope Linked In doesn't import any more FaceBook features.

Then I thought about it for 10 more seconds and thought

3. Ok, you want a site down message. Fine with me, we all have to bounce the boxes sometime. However, the Merlin + Santa Impostor (the beard doesn't fit his face!) + Aladdin's shoes = Appropriate for Club Penguin, not a site that's main purpose in life is to help people make business connections.

As horrible as he is, Clip Art Business Man

would have been better.

I'm 50-50 as to whether Site Construction Animated Icon would have been better... maybe it would have been meant ironically....

And I HATE under construction animated icons. Blogger does, too, you may have to click for the full circa-1997 glory.

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