Dear Google, (AdSense this time!)

I don't know who the Optimization Team is or why they are "sending" me Optimization Reports, but if you use the same markup for titles and heading as you do for these links (but not any other links), no one will ever know they are links.



ben said...

really sorry for leaving this here, but there wasn't an "email me" link :)

RE: your 90s music quiz

74. there's no second blank for us to fill in "anyhow"
76. the blank is for the word "mirror" and not "face" as revealed in the answers
81. the song is linger, not zombie, by the cranberries
82. no mistake, just great that you recognise toadies with more points :)
92. again, nothing wrong, just awesome you don't put "selling the drama" or "lightning crashes"
96. disappoint, single "s", double "p" not the other way round


Matt Goldey said...

I think the GMail interface could use some work, too. Some functions are buttons, some are regular underlined links, some are non-underlined links. Why so many different controls?