No, I Don't Think It's Appropriate to Whore Yourself for Net Neutrality, Or Even Pretend To, and No, It's Not Funny

MSNBC is carrying a story (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24299253/) about Tania Derveaux offering to sleep with virgins in order to convince them to support Net Neutrality.... complete with her seemingly nude photo.

This makes me ill.

Since when is it ok to turn women into whores for a cause? Since when are our bodies available in trade for a vote?

No, it's not funny. No, it's not cool. No, it doesn't matter if it is her idea. It is disgusting. Frankly, if the only way to get net neutrality or no-kill shelters is at the cost of the esteem, dignity, and health of women... then I don't want those things.

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