Today's SharkTank...

December 28, 2007

Think she'd be happier hearing about 'worms'?

It's late on a Friday afternoon when this pilot fish gets a call from the president's secretary saying that the big boss is having a problem with his contingency laptop and needs it fixed before he leaves for the weekend."

It's been taking at least 20 minutes to boot up, and once it's running, it responds to commands slower than molasses," big boss tells fish when he arrives.

A quick check reveals why: Fish discovers that the laptop's firewall and spyware programs have been disabled, allowing the system to be bombarded with pop-ups and other cyberjunk.Fish doesn't want to get too technical, so he explains to the big boss and his wife, who's sitting in the office waiting to leave for the weekend, that in bypassing the firewall and spyware blocker, he has allowed a lot of "cookies" to attach themselves to the system, thus causing it to slow down dramatically."

That's highly unlikely," boss's wife cuts in. "I've never seen him eat anything at the keyboard -- let alone cookies."

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