Customer Service 101: 5 Things You Shouldn't Find in Your Hotel Room....

I do not have pictures for all 5. This is because I didn't realize on items 1 and 2 that there would be items 3-5.

My husband and I went out for a three day weekend at the (cold) beach. Got home yesterday. Had to post these images. I've traveled a lot. I've stayed in a Buddhist monastery in Japan, a former secret police prison in Prague, a tiny box like room in Kyoto with a credit card machine for a front desk, the Ritz in San Juan, a house in the middle of the Puerto Rican jungle, a cabin in the Alaska woods, a hotel and gay disco/sauna in Vienna, the Days Inn in Davenport, Iowa and some really crappy b and b's everywhere... the items in our room were a collection that surpassed anything I could have imagined in those trips. Well, ok, the "hotel" in London where the floor was so rotten around the communal toilet that you worried it was going to fall through to the other floor was worse. But that was supposed to be budget accommodations...

First Thing You Shouldn't Find In Your Hotel Room (Check-in): All the glasses have spots, some of them spots you can feel with your fingers. The coffee mugs you go to in hopes of finding something clean... well, someone used them to brush their teeth and the maid never noticed. Eww. (Took nasty mug down to front desk; clean glasses delivered while we were at dinner. Other dirty glasses? Never removed.)

One Thing We Didn't Find In Our Hotel Room, But My Husband Checked For After Number One: Bedbugs

Second Thing You Shouldn't Find In Your Hotel Room (Looking for a Blanket): Someone else's used up cologne bottle. (Threw it in the trash)

Third Thing You Shouldn't Find in Your Hotel Room (Checking Along Bed for Shoes When Packing on Your Second Night): Empty package for one "waterproof Jack Rabbit" from California Exotic Novelties. Blogger has pixelated the image, but it promises "multi-level rotating metal beads" "Independent rotation and vibration" and "Use in or out of the water." I guess the empty package is better than finding the used contents... of course, we never looked between the bed and wall or dresser and wall...

Fourth Thing You Shouldn't Find In Your Hotel Room (After Noticing Number Three): Blood Stains on the Sheets. The gross thing about this? Because I didn't put the "change our bedding" card on the bed, we slept on those stains for one night without seeing them.

Fifth Thing You Shouldn't Find On Your Hotel Room Balcony (There At Check-In, Maid Never Picked Up): 2 Glass Beringer White Zinfandel (empty).

They comped one of our nights and put us in a suite for a clean room, so I'm leaving the hotel specifics off...

What I said to the manager, "Someone partied hard in this room and it wasn't us."

What my husband said to the manager, "Finding these things on the second night means housekeeping missed them at least twice."

Just, ick.

Other details, for the record -no shampoo in suite upgraded to (conditioner, lotion, etc. but no shampoo) -someone else's hair in the suite tub -towels left on the floor (international for "give me a clean towel") left on the floor (although new towels provided). There's a point you give up on telling the staff things are wrong.

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