Beating My Head Against the Microsoft Wall

Working on a slide presentation.

Need a clipart that is actually clipart, not a random Google image, for a slide on process improvement.

PowerPoint/Office has no clipart associated for the following words:

  • better
  • improve
  • mend
  • streamline
  • visio (I was desperate)
  • flowchart
  • logistics

"Fix" had two - a computer with a bandaid (exactly the OPPOSITE of the point I'm making) and a hammer.

"Process" had one - a toy truck being delivered. No good for a group of people who do not make or sell things!

"Upgrade" had one - a post-it note with "upgrade" written on it. Really, as far as clipart goes that's worse than nothing. "Here's a picture of your word! A great metaphor! The word itself! Again!"

In desperation, I tried, "good" -- about 20 icons of angels.

I think this says something about who Microsoft thinks its customers are --- people who don't talk about process improvement!

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