Something like 3 million visitors....

The 80's music quiz has had 1.4 million visitors since I added google adsense to it. I only added adsense after I got the hosting bills for the third month after it memed.... It was at over 20k per day at that point.

If I do the math, that's about 3.2 million visits.

Man, I wish I had $1 per.


This blog, on the other hand, in the last 11 1/3 months...

5,647 Visits
3,708 Absolute Unique Visitors
9,142 Pageviews
1.62 Average Pageviews
00:01:18 Time on Site

I can't decide if I'm sad or happy about that... :/


Phoebe said...

Do RSS reads through Google Reader count as anything in your stats?

Yet Another Girl said...

Nope. I do see the clickthroughs, though.

It's one of the quandries of RSS publishing... do you offer a full feed, and not *really* know your stats? Or do you just offer links, thus forcing people to click.

Since I, personally, unsubscribe from feeds when they don't offer more than a link, I decided not to be that person.