Blue Collar? Pink Collar? White Collar?

Harris/CNN just released a poll on prestigious occupations. It doesn't list that many, and firefighters come in at #1. And honestly, teachers come in higher than scientists, and I think that result is more people saying they SHOULD respect teachers than actually respecting them.

This led me to reflect on my participation in a local career fair.

I'm not sure where my chosen path comes in, but it's definitely not good enough for about 20% of the yuppie parents who dragged their kids to the fair.

About the fourth time someone looked at my name tag and then told their kid to talk to the scientist on my right, I started to get a little pissed.

It's the first time I've ever been dissed for this career, and it was just a little irritating.

No one has quite figured out where computer people land. Some of us take things apart-- does that make us blue collar? We type a little, and there's lot of women in design, so maybe it's pink collar (what, content manager is the new administrative assistant?). Hey, wait, I'm ineligible for OT according to the federal government - so that's white collar, right?

I, personally, see a lot of parallels between architects and web designers. We design, we make plans, and we oversee the creation of our visions.
19% of the people in the Harris poll said there was no prestige in architect. Yeah, I guess that's about right.

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