It's not your hands, it's the device design

Snopes (ad filled, no copy and paste link: http://www.snopes.com/humor/iftrue/iphonethumb.asp)
has a debunk on a email floating around about a guy who, after years of blackberry and iPhone use, finally had this thumbs altered to be smaller.

The very fact that such an email is floating around points out one of the major design compromises of these devices: small size for usability.

The image to the right is actually of a large blackberry. The newest models are about a third smaller.

We've made a compromise -- we want something that fits in our pockets, but we don't seem to care if using it 24x7 cripples our hands.

In related news, and on a personal note, I turned down a Blackberry again last week. I like having my thumbs and weekends both in perfect working order.


Anonymous said...

lmao Nice. I really don't see all the big deal about devices like these. Sure, they may look cool, but quite frankly, I'll stick with my dinky little phone that is nice and straightfoward, and does not injure my thumbs lol. I don't send texts or anything anyways haha.

Your fan,
Greg Gerke

Yet Another Girl said...

I soooo don't want to have email attached to my body 24x7.

It wouldn't work anyway. The only way I remember to not loose work pagers is to ALWAYS leave them in the car. Heh.