The weekend cannot be here soon enough...

I have sent 328 email messages in the last five working days.

I have cut my inbox from over 150 messages to 19 -- only 5 of which are things I can take action on (the rest are waiting for someone else.)

I don't track email messages I've dealt with by date, but I've received and processed 524 in the last week. (In other words, there were older ones in there that I handled, too.)

Oh yes, and I had 10 meetings.

No wonder my back is sore and I am glad the day is over!

Next week?

Next week I attack the sea of memos and post-it notes on my desk.

People were on vacation. The best time to send email is when no one is there to answer.... somehow the answers you get 4 days later are less numerous than the immediate ones.

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