I Believe in Mailing Lists: She Does it Old Sk001

I'm on 2 large heavily active discussion lists at work; I receive messages there for another 7. My Gmail account is collecting another 5.

I love mailing lists. The feeling of community is very important in an field where we are often isolated (how many people are on your team? 1? 3? 5?). I find the instant nature of mailing lists (well, instant unless Gmail is filtering them to a folder I never read) to be more compelling than most social media. The ability to tap the brains of 2000 peers for the best and brightest ideas they can come up with has been critical in some of my successes.

Sure, the discussions can head off into weird areas and I can't always find out what I need, but it sure beats googling.

This week is going kind of slow - I've been catching up on a few things. Including some replies back to mailing lists, and research on same. Which would be great. Except the reason I'm able to play catch-up this week is that everyone is out of town.

3 different emails x cross-posted to three lists each x summer vacations = approximately 8 million, 3 hundred and 45 thousand, 7 hundred and 2 out of office responses.


I have no tag that fits this post. Uh-oh.

Other things I just noticed: Blogger can't seem to get the "Enter/Return = I want spacing between my paragraphs" OR the "no, really, I don't always want every image inserted above the text of the post" right. (And with a Beta out with NO feedback mechanism, I doubt they will anytime soon.) They also recently broke the tabs of "edit html" and "compose" (they only work if you click around the linked word, but not ON the linked word) But, by G-d, they want you to correct gmail to Gmail if you spellcheck. What next, automatically added ™ ?

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