OMG... Perfect Job

Company: USAATitle: UI ArchitectLocation: San Antonio, TX
You will participate in the evaluation, implementation and documentation of web-based business solutions, contribute to the architectural design and development of web applications, help shape how the companyĆ¢€™s web applications are built for the future and lead the design and development of the web infrastructure. etc.
To learn more and to apply go to: www.usaa.com.

If we hadn't just resettled in North Carolina, I would be all over this job. USAA is always on the lists of best places to work.

Of course, if you get this job, you'll have to deal w/ my irate emails to customer service (always start with, "please forward this to the web developers") when you do stupid sh-t like auto-launching Adobe Acrobat behind my browser for just hitting your home page. (Our bank is USAA.)

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