Google, Did You Have To Jump On THIS Bandwagon?

The Google brand is very, very, very strong. They don't need to dilute it by being "hip" and using an "i" in front of it.

In fact, since you can't go to the mall and walk around without seeing 50 different products with an "i" stuck to their name, usually junky things, I think this dilutes the Google name far more than it adds.

Then again, I think the push for everyone (corporate, government, non-profit) and their dogs to have MySpace pages is also a mistake.

The minute the whole world joins MySpace is the minute it stops being cool. When it stops being cool (and college age kids have already moved off to other sites), it stops being the online mecca. Social Media is more than a trend, MySpace is a trend.

I'm happy it's not myGoogle.

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