Cross Posted B/c I'm Pissed Off - Big Sucking Sound from SuperTarget

I am a working *removed* year old woman who earns *removed* a year. I say this first because I'm pretty sure Target want me to come in and spend money. My husband and I do come into Target quite often. We moved from Texas where I lived within 10 minutes of a very nice SuperTarget. I was so excited when I found the *removed* SuperTarget, which is within 10 minutes of my new home in North Carolina.

However, last night I walked away from Target disgusted, insulted, and upset. I'm not sure who in the buying team of this store or the management has decided that the dollars of size 18 women aren't worth earning. The entire floor-space where plus-sized clothing, which I have relied on heavily in Texas for tops I can mix into my wardrobe for work, has been replaced by clearance items for misses sizes. So, basically, this Target is saying to me, "Hey, you, woman with the *removed* chest. We don't want you to come in and buy five sweaters full price. We would MUCH rather we clearance off these little pairs of shorts for size 6 women. After all, size 6 women are the majority of women in America, and they don't have any choice at all of where they shop, it's so hard to find size 6 clothing! They matter more! We don't want your lazy butt shopping in our store!"

If this isn't the message Target wanted to project, then someone needs to seriously consider why the Plus section was removed. I asked the staffer working on the section (herself approximately a size 22/24) where the plus-sized clothing went. She waived very vaguely at the clearance rack and said, "I'm not sure. There may be some over there" (she then pointed at a rack of maternity sweaters).

I'm sure plus-size sales are down in the store, which is probably being used to justify not buying any more plus sized clothing. My husband and I spent *removed* last night without blinking. However, if you had bothered to stock any *removed* summer sweaters for work, that number would have probably gone up to *removed* . If I hadn't gone looking for a sweater LAST, not first, the number would have gone down to $0. I'm very saddened, and I won't be relying on Target anymore. I loved the one-stop aspect, but when you don't want to sell me the pajama pants, shorts, and career clothing I need.... it's no longer one stop shopping.

I would like a response from the store as to why they believe permanent clearance racks are more important than stocking plus clothing. I would like a response from someone in management, not just the customer service automated system, on why Target perceives over 40% of America's women as not worth selling to.

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