Fellow G-mail Users, Unite!

Google has a form where you can tell them what you want Gmail to do.

My humble suggestion, aside from about 10 of those check boxes, is using the free form box at the end.


What should you put in the free form box? How about the ability to set you account to only recieve email in the languages you want? Russian? Spam! Thai? Spam! Japanese? Oh, you get anime newsletters? Not Spam! Hindi? Spam! English? Not Spam! A simple set of check boxes which by default are all off.

(Russian spam that the filters don't catch is outnumbering my legit emails 2 to 1.)

The best benefit? Having a feature no one else offers!


Phoebe said...

Suggestion duly submitted!

Yet Another Girl said...

If enough people yelp, maybe Google will read them!