Customer Service, The New Big Thing?

CIO's feed today had this: http://www.cio.com/weighin/column.html?CID=32663

An article which proclaims that someday in the future IT services might be aligned around IT as a service.

I'm sitting here wondering exactly what IT is if not a service. I've said it so many times before, but it still holds true:

IT does not exist to exist. No function IT provides is necessary if there are no users. If your IT department is focused on having servers just to have them, having websites because your peers have them, buying handheld devices so execs can look cool at conferences, and tracking workers every key stroke because you just know they are using the internet to look at the weather, your IT department is missing the game.

IT exists to serve. Yes, the internal mechanism of scaling up a server per user instead of per 100 or 1000 users are not available yet. But if IT is not consistently focused on helping the customers, in deed the organization as a goal, by offering excellent service, IT is failing. Even the most forward thinking business practice IT alignments, the ones straight from whitepapers, only exist because users are there to use the tools or the data output.

Freaky image has nothing to do w/ posting except found it on google image search - "customer service." Wanted the guy from the CDW ads in the tutu, but alas, no luck.

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