You're a Designer, I'm a Designer

This is why I don't think that high-concept web design will ever catch on. There's very rarely a successful website that can't be used or is embarassing to look at.

The same, obviously, isn't true of fashion.

Those "worst myspace ever" pages are the closest I've ever seen to a sullen underaged guy in the tunic from a Muppets on Ice costume paired with stirrup pants and mustard-dipped formal dress shoes.

A good web site is more like an Arts and Crafts movement chair on the Antiques Roadshow - lovingly designed to be extreemly usable AND beautiful.

If a website I were to design were as edgy and (ahem) "cool" as the outfit to the left, I don't think anyone would make it past the 50MB flash trailer launch screen.

I want to say, well, maybe this is art for art's sake.... except they mass produce and sell this stuff in the stores.

Image of Prada Menswear, Fashion Week, New York, 2007

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