Design 201

OK, designers.

It's acceptable to use something unorthodox for your design inspiration.

For example, if after feasting on $.99 lox toast mini-sandwiches at your local Ikea (I'm having a really hard time, damn you Steve Jobs, not typing iKea), you see these hanging baskets and think, "Oh my, fabulous dress for the over 60 set! Yes, yes, darling!," feel free to buy 60 (it will only set you back something like $350 for all 60) in a rainbow of colors and throw them up around your workspace.

However, design inspiration should just be inspiration. It should not be design theft.

In other words, don't stick ruffles on a mesh storage bag, a bodice under it, and call it a couture dress.


beth said...

I found you via your trackback over at Seth Godin's... on his, "Just one post" post. I'll be back. Your blog is wonderful! I especially like this from your "favorites" category. Keep up the good work. I'm a new kid on the block. Been blogging since February. Finding great reads like yours is so inspiring!

Yet Another Girl said...

Yay! A reader!!!

If you liked that post, try www.gofugyourself.com b/c I'm pretty sure I was channeling them that day!