The Scary Implications of Big Databases in the Sky

"Similarly, defense attorneys in United States v. Comprehensive Drug Testing have asked the 9th Circuit for a new hearing, and the court has an opportunity to issue a more careful opinion in that case, which arose from the Balco doping scandal.

The government is investigating whether 10 professional baseball players were illegally taking steroids. In the course of its probe, it obtained multiple warrants for the results of drug tests taken by the players. But it didn't just seize the results for the players under scrutiny -- it grabbed the entire database, with samples from hundreds of other athletes.

Lower courts ordered the government to return the information that was not related to the Balco-linked players, but the government appealed and the 9th Circuit ruled in its favor."

Here: http://www.wired.com/news/columns/1,72510-0.html

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