Password Hell

OK, can we all stop acting like our system is the only system a user has to remember a user name and password for?

Can we then agree on a method of telling people:
a)The rules in place for password creation BEFORE they type in what they want as a password?
b)The rules in place for username creation BEFORE they type in what they want as a user name?

Can we also:
a)Remind people of these rules on the login screen when they have to remember that, "Oh yes, this is the site that wants a user name with 3 capital letters, no vowels, 2 special characters, a space, and no known words. Ok, what did I use? Oh yeah, 'FCK th!s!'"?

I'm very, very, very tired as user of having to remember 134 user names and the 3,452 passwords, each with their own very special rules, that go along with them.

I'm very, very, very tired as a designer of having web sites not understand this.


sunny said...


I found your blog coming from the 80s quiz - not sure if this can reduce _some_ of your password trouble (and quite sure you must have heard of it): bugmenot.com

Best wishes :-)


Yet Another Girl said...

But having to rely on a third party software means that the designers have failed!