Bad, Google, Bad

no, internet explorer is NOT spyware, no matter what the firefox fans say
So, Google took down "old Blogger" for maintenance today.

I don't really care.

What I DO care about is getting this error when trying to get to "New Blogger".

Did anyone at Google stop to think that maybe taking down all those Blogs w/o telling anyone might cause some sort of problem to the whole system? I'm guessing they had some server swamping from people trying to get to blogs. (Gee, whiz, wow, people want to see blogs... on blogger? Really?)

They are calling it a scheduled maintenance. Maybe Google logs show the slowest time for Blogger is noon on Tuesdays, but somehow I doubt it. Scheduled maintenance should ALWAYS be at your slowest time (unless you are World of Warcraft, then it's every Tuesday and Tuesday becomes know as "patch Tuesday" and every one of your customers hates Tuesday.) Otherwise don't call it scheduled, because, well, then you're lying to your customers.

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