Accessibility, What's That?

Article on National Federation of the Blind vs. Target: (which contrary to popular belief, is not dead)

I've never understood Target's stance on this. Making a website accessible isn't that difficult. It's like someone in the Target hierarchy said, "This is my line in the stand. I refuse to bow to those %#$^%$ blind people!" Which is really, really silly.

Or, as Judge Patel said, "The Web site is a means to gain access to the store and it is ironic that Target, through its merchandising efforts on the one hand, seeks to reach greater numbers of customers and enlarge its consumer-base, while on the other hand it seeks to escape the requirements of the ADA. A broader application of the ADA to the Web site may be appropriate if upon further discovery it is disclosed that the store and Web site are part of an integrated effort."

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