I love my iPod. I hate my iPod.

I love that my iPod tracks how many times I've played, and skipped, each song. This has let me purge and add to it until I have a mix that's pretty close to perfect.
I love that ripping CDs is now very easy.
I love that my iPod is light and fits in almost anything.

I did not love that my iPod did not come with a charger.
I do not love that it took me a year plus to figure out the whole off/hold on/hold combination for shutting it off.
I do not love that if iTunes is ripping a scratched CD it can crash the Mac.

And, lastly,
I hate that hooking my iPod up to my mac after updating iTunes completely erased EVERY SONG on my iPod. All of them. Gone. I didn't confirm this, and I always, always tell iTunes not to manage my library. Despite this, my iPod is now empty. This does not make me happy. There were several songs on there that I don't think I have ripped copies of so, in fact, it makes me extreemly unhappy.

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