I changed the name

1. There's someone else w/ "No Labels Allowed"

2. I've been signing emails with <wax></wax> for YEARS and I feel, since I'm pretty sure I invented it, it's "mine." (Other people may have invented it in parallel, but I've never seen anyone else use it.)

3. <wax></wax> is cuter, in an 80's geek kind of way.


<wax></wax> explained.

1. <></> is opening and closing an HTML tag
2. "Wax on, wax off" was used by Mr. Miaggi to teach Ralph M. how to become the Karate Master in The Karate Kid, a classic 80's movie. (And to wax his car. Ohhh, that wiley Mr. Miaggi!)
When I got stuck with the job title of Webmaster, I started using <wax></wax> as a signature in emails on various discussion groups.

Getting Blogger to write out <wax></wax> is a pain in the a**.

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