Cruiser Keys...

This is Broken today is about PT Cruiser keys: http://www.thisisbroken.com/b/2006/12/pt_cruiser_key.html

I have a 2006 PT Cruiser.

Every time someone goes to open the trunk, they set off the panic. Why?

1) Well, the timing on the unlock is really tight. If you don't compress the unlock twice in a row with no time in between, the side doors and trunk don't unlock.

2) There's a little sensor under the lever for the trunk. It opens when it senses your finger. It's not a mechanical lock. You can't see it at all, and there's no bump to feel for.

3) The combination of 1&2 cause a lot of people (in my family, anyway) to try the key on the lock. The problem is usually that the doors didn't all unlock OR that they didn't find the hidden sensor. The keychain (see link above) is designed so that holding the key the normal way people hold keys to open trunks results in the panic alarm going off.

Bonus) You can't turn the panic alarm off with the key chain. You have to go in and start the ignition.

However, if you really want to know what annoys me, ask me about the seatbelt in the backseat. The one that appears to be permanently stuck on "you just hit the breaks." Resulting in anyone sitting there for any length of time either being frozen into place or having to completely remove and reextend the seatbelt every 15 minutes....

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