On Not Being a Grown Up

There's this thingy in my office. It turns out the power if I don't move. (We had those @ Yale. They used to turn off the study rooms when we were studying chemistry. I guess chemistry resulted in the least moving around b/c I don't remember that problem studying anything else.).

It used to be sort of blocked by a big black filing cabinent. Which was fine until daylight savings time. Then I had to do these flying push-offs (wheeled chair) from my desk in order to back up far enough to get the lights on (about 6 feet).

So I asked them to move the filing cabinent. And they did, and the new place it is leaves more room around the meeting table, so it's a win-win.

Except for one thing.

The black thing also blocked the side view of your's truley from the door.

Which I just realized when I was chair dancing while typing a report.


Not a lot of people walk down that hall, which is good b/c I don't always think about the fact that I'm chair dancing. (As long as my hands are on the keyboard and I'm working, does it matter?)

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