Bad Design - Airport Bathrooms

I've been waiting for an opportunity to snap this w/o TSA tackling me.

This is a women's restroom in DEN/DIA. However, they are pretty much the same in most US non-handicapped airport bathrooms.

Please note, attempting to follow the written and unwritten rules:
1. 1 carryon below specified size (red bag) -- check
2. 1 briefcase for laptop, also below specified size -- check
3. "Do not leave bags unattended" -- check
4. Close the door when you go to use the toilet -- uhhhh?

There is no physical room for anyone over the age of 3 to actually enter the stall with the luggage. You can't tell, but the back of the bags is against the toilet.

You would think that I could back into the stall and then drag the bags, but in order to do that I would need to stand on or straddle the toilet. At 5 foot 2, my arms don't go that far. Additionally, if I did manage this manuver, the door *still* wouldn't close.

There is a VERY simple solution to this problem.

Brace yourself.


In the DIA airport there was approximately 15 feet between the rows of stalls, more than enough for the doors to open out and not bonk women.

I guess the bathroom planners think either:
a)women never travel alone (false)
b)women can be trusted not to steal (false) or be terrorists (false)
c)women don't travel with carryons (false)
d)all women who travel alone with carryons have freaky herculean strength to lift luggage above thier heads and are approximately 3 inches wide (also false)

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