Good Customer Service (Gasp!)

Exactly the right response to an email informing a site that something was broken.

Exactly. They acknowledge the problem. They thank the user for helping to identify. They acknowledge that user input HELPS fix a site faster.

And most of all

They didn't run the feedback through some horrible program (or low level tech with possibly not so great English skills) and send an automated response telling the user (me) how to reset my password or (even worse) how to find the website.


From: Web Services [mailto:WebServices@bcbsa.com]
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2006 4:00 PM
To: Web Services
Subject: Outage on online Provider Directory

Thank you for reporting the recent problem you found with the online Provider Directory. We regret the inconvenience the problem caused you.

A defect with a weekend update of provider data -- initially undetected -- caused provider listings to disappear in many parts of the country. That problem was corrected early Monday morning. The site is now working as expected.

Without your report, we may not have caught this problem as quickly as we did. We appreciate your taking the time to report it to us.

Thank you,


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