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Sometimes I wonder why I shop there.

Then Jim & I tried Macy's last weekend.

There was an awesomely cute outfit (actually 3) on display in petites in Liz Claiborne - who makes plus size. So I go in search of the same section in "women's". And find it... and it's a)poorly stocked b)poorly lit c)has stained nappy carpet (as opposed to the brilliantly decorated and lit petite section) and d)a freaking mess - like no one has maintained in at all.

And I left frustrated b/c none of the cute stuff that Liz C. makes was stocked in W-- just plain baggy -tshirts.

The average size in America is what? 14? 16? I always forget. Both of those sizes are "plus" (well, 14 is stocked in a lot of places). So why does Macy's have the women's sizes be a ghetto and the petites (which is a much smaller target market and one with a LOT more competition) look like a boutique? I guess that's it. I'm not supposed to be picky. I'm supposed to take my baggy tshirt and go.

Anyway, Macy's didn't get any of my money. And won't be.

Jim noticed the disparity and how crappy the women's section was and actually said something about it *before I did*, so this is not me channeling Why We Buy again....

I found what I saw online, in, of course, plus:

But did they have it in anything above a 8P to try on? noooooooooooo. and it's not like they were out. it's new! it's on the lifesized headless woman display!

Macy's missed a few real chances here. A chance to gain a loyal customer. A chance to sell something retailing at over $100. But instead they decided to only stock sack like clothing. And in the end, they irritated me and they didn't make the sale on those t-shirts. Because, really, my husband has a coffin-sized tupperware of t-shirts. If I could wear baggy t-shirts to work, I a)wouldn't be shopping at Macy's for them and b)probably wouldn't spend any money on new ones.

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